Misdeals in Poker


The most important thing to remember when playing poker is not to complain or blame the dealer for bad cards. It makes everyone uncomfortable and spoils the atmosphere. Also, it’s simply silly. Even if you’ve just lost a similar hand, there’s no reason to complain about it. Similarly, you shouldn’t criticize others for their bad cards either.


A misdeal in poker can occur when the dealer makes a mistake. It happens when a dealer incorrectly deals two or more cards from the deck. The dealer must return the extra card to the deck or burn it before continuing play. In addition, it can happen when a player has more than one card in a ‘boxed’ position.

The dealer will apologize for a misdeal. It’s not the end of the game – it’s an opportunity to improve your poker game. It’s important to deal with misdeals as quickly as possible. Misdeals can occur in both online and offline poker games. In offline games, the dealer will usually have to reshuffle the deck.