Types of Bets in Roulette

Roulette is a gambling game that has been played since the 17th century and remains an extremely popular option for both new and experienced gamblers. The game is based on chance and can be very rewarding to serious betters, as long as they have the right strategy and don’t get greedy.

How to Play the Game

To begin a roulette game, players place their chips on the table and wait for the dealer to throw a ball into the wheel. When the ball lands on the number you bet on, it’s time to cash in your winnings.

There are several types of bets available in roulette, but they’re all based on the numbers and their position. There are “inside” and “outside” bets, and these have different payout odds based on their probability.

Inside Bets

The numbers on the roulette table are arranged in a pattern and are numbered nonconsecutively from 1 to 36. They are alternating red and black, and there’s also a green division numbered 0. The European version of the game uses a single zero whereas in American-style games there is a second green division numbered 00 that gives the house an advantage.

Outside Bets

The most popular bets are the outside bets, which involve placing your chips on a category of numbers rather than a specific number. These bets offer lower payouts, but they have a greater probability of winning.

Street Bet/Three Number Bet/Side Bet/Trio: A simple bet that involves placing your chip on the outside border of a row of three consecutive numbers. This bet pays 11-1 if you win and can be made with just one chip.

Split Bet/Cheval: Another simple bet that involves placing your chips on the dividing line between two numbers on the roulette layout. This bet has a payout of 17-1 if both numbers win.

Corner Bet/Square Bet: This is a bet that involves placing your chips on the corner of four numbers on the roulette layout. The payoff is 8-1 if any of these four numbers wins.

Six Line Bet: This bet involves placing your chips on two adjacent lines of three numbers each, for a total of six numbers. If any of these six numbers wins, the bet pays 5-1.

The roulette wheel consists of a solid disk slightly convex in shape with metal partitions known as separators around the rim. These partitions have compartments or pockets between them. The wheel’s spindle revolves smoothly in an almost frictionless manner.